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Guidelines for Selecting the Best Solar PV Kits

A solar PV kit is a handy tool used for generating renewable energy by using sunrays rather than consuming fossil fuels. It includes all the electrical components that will be pre-wired and pre-mounted on a board which can be easily attached to the battery back up and array of solar panels. With professional installers, the photovoltaic system can be set up easily to produce clean and clear energy for domestic and commercial use.

When it comes to prevent environment from pollution and preserve fossil fuel, the solar PV kits are just incredible. They assure to supply homes and offices with a cost-effective and non-ending source of energy without resorting to any conventional forms or energy or fuel. People can now have solar PV kits in different configuration and capacity. There are many local supplilers, online shops and traditional stores to help people go solar and bring down their utility bills. With a large variety of Photovoltaic systems available on sale, the buyers may find it hard to select a system that will best fit their energy needs. Below are given six guidelines to help them make a right choice without getting confused.  



  • Reason – The same Solar PV panels are not used in all thermal kits. Their type and size varies depending on your use. So, decide the reason for use and go through the components of the PV system. If you want to have electricity then evacuated tubes or collectors will be perfect. However, the PV solar modules will be required for water heating purpose.
  • Certification – You need to keep away from unsafe and poorly performing PV kits which is possible only if you go for professionally (Microgeneration Certification Scheme) certified systems. It will give you assurance of quality, function and safety.
  • Effectiveness and Tolerance  – You should check for positive tolerance rating of the solar panel module which would indicate that it produces the same energy as mentioned in the body and nothing less. Again, you have to consider its temperature co-efficient as it should be minimum to leave less impact of heat on the panels in the module.
  • Battery Capacity – Battery back up power varies from one solar panel to another and they are primarily important for any on-grid tie system. If you are going to buy a solar on-grid tie system, be sure its battery power to range from 12V-24V which is known to be the most reliable and durable range.
  • Position and Installation – Solar PV kits are needed to be mounted on the terraces and roofs, but everyone doesn’t have this opportunity. Before selecting to purchase a thermal kit, ask the supplier where you can place it in your house or office and at how much angle. Also ask them whether they will provide professionals to install the system successfully.
  • Price– The key deciding factor in any photovoltaic system selection is price. So, go through the latest varieties to find a quality solar kit that suits your budget.

Though the choice of solar PV kits can be done by considering many other secondary factors like size, accreditation, durability, size and brand, an affordable range of solar PV kits are available on Latitude51 Solar. Contact it online for lowest PV price with assurance of greater efficiency!

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