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Maintenance of Solar Pool Heaters for Optimal Heating

In coldest moths of the year, you can jump into a warm and enjoyable pool because of a top functioning solar pool heating system or solar water heater. Solar heaters for pool are stable and efficient heating system that efficiently heats up your pool in cooler months as well as ensure all year round use of your pool. The energy-efficient solar heater uses transferred heat energy to heat your swimming pool water by utilizing the swimming pool pump that eliminates use of any additional energy to operate. This results in:

  • Low operating costs
  • Environmentally friendly operation
  • Long lifespan

By ensuring regular maintenance for your heating system of solar heaters, you can help in increasing its efficiency as well as ensure of achieving a top functioning system.

                                          Solar pool heaters

Things to consider for solar pool heater maintenance:

Check the Heat Pump Settings:

You should remember that a poorly maintained heat pump can lose efficiency in transferring heat into the pool water. The heat pump setting of your solar heating system should be checked and re-calibrated for ensuring great performance that will help in increasing heating systems efficiency.

Keep an Eye on Temperature Gauge:

In the overall functioning of a solar heating system, the temperature gauge is considered to be an important element, as it determines whether the pool water is too warm or too cold. Malfunctioning in a temperature gauge can result in variation in your pool’s temperature. This can cause inconvenience for you to enjoy the warmth of swimming in your pool.

Ensure Well Cleaned Solar Panels or Strip Collectors:

Solar panels or strip collectors are usually positioned on a roof, which makes the panels and strip collectors damaged from storms, hail, birds, leaves as well as allows a build-up of dirt & dust. To ensure a top functioning solar pool heater, the solar panels and strip collectors should be checked and cleaned up by a professional. If any kind of physical damage is found then it can be repaired without too much hassle.

Maintain Water Flow Valves:

The flow of water throughout the solar pool heating system is controlled by the water flow valves. When water ideally flows through strip collectors at an optimal rate then the pool water can be replaced in shortest space of time. But if valves are not functioning properly then your solar heating system may not efficiently heat water evenly.

Full Test and Flush the Heating System:

To ensure the piping setting in the solar pool heating system is free from any kind of blockage or build-up of chemicals and impurities, you need to run a full test and flush of the heating system. This will ensure that the pool water can be effectively heated and assures of having an efficient and top running system.

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