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Solar evacuated tubes

Solar Evacuated Tubes for Efficient Heating in Every Light Condition

Are you looking to use cost effective and efficient heating technology that can keep your solar water heater operational in every possible light condition? Flat plate solar collectors have performance limitations and therefore can’t be considered as a choice. In fact, they don’t have freeze protection feature which make your solar heating applications to suffer from frequent damages in extremely cold region of Canada or North/Central America. However, solar evacuated tubes are designed using vacuum insulation technology to perform efficiently at freezing point. Therefore, they can be installed in your solar heating system to continue operating in extremely low light conditions which is too common in winter season.

Solar evacuated tubes consist of many evacuated glass tubes arranged in successive lines and function by absorbing solar rays and converting the stored solar energy into heat energy. These tubes are responsible for generating free heat energy from solar energy which is practically unlimited and the most pure form of energy available on this earth. They not just trap and convert light radiations coming from the sun but also transfer the generated heat to the copper heat pipe located centrally inside the tube. Again, the copper heat solar piping is designed in a vacuum condition and operates with low pressure technology to help generating heat at temperature as low as 30 degree centigrade. This solar thermal energy can be utilized for your residential/commercial water or space heating positively.

                                                                     Solar Evacuated Tubes

If you need to purchase quality solar evacuated tubes for affordable, efficient, high performing solar space heating or solar hot water solutions in your residence of workplace, Latitude51 Solar has the best products on offer. We are dealing with solar products manufacturing groups directly and serving the solar heating needs of customers at greatly reduced price. To enjoy easy assembly and installation, no heat loss or performance issue on breakage of a single solar collector, consider purchasing our solar evacuated tubes today!

For experiencing quick replacement and optimal heat generation with your solar heating application, go for solar evacuated tubes at Latitude51 Solar. We will deliver you light weight and pluggable solar vacuum tubes with low maintenance requirements. 

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