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SunRain Solar Evacuated Tubes for Perfect Heating in Northern Climate Conditions

Are you residing in Northern America and seeking for high quality solar evacuated tubes for managing your solar space heating and hot water heating at affordable rates? Do you need better options in solar vacuum tube collectors to keep your pool, hot even during cloudy days? We distribute SunRain Solar thermal Collectors with 20 or 30 high power and easy to mount evacuated tubes. You can cut or modify the frame of our solar PV kits and install them on the roof for creating an ultimately finished fit. These solar collectors will produce enough hot water required for your small family or household, depending on the quantity of water you use in your home. Our 20 tube products are perfect for a 40 to 60 Gallons tank size while the 30 tube solar collector can be fitted to 60 to 80 Gallons tank size for yielding energy and heating water perfectly.

Be sure that our SunRain solar evacuated tube collectors are meant for economical solar water heating in both commercial and residential solar applications. You can no doubt depend on them when it comes to running the large size agriculture grade or commercial solar heating applications in Northern American or its surrounding region. These solar evacuated tubes can be joined in hundreds of numbers and installed properly on your agricultural farm for the purpose of efficient space heating.

                                                                    SunRain solar evacuated tube collectors

Remember that SunRain is a leading international brand manufacturing high performing solar vacuum tube collectors for use in extremely cold Canadian or Northern USA region where the temperature is as low as 40. These tubes have excellent capability to trap the solar energy and convert them into perfectly hot water even during cloudy days or chilling winter days. Their modern technology enables them to capture as high as 94% of the solar energy. The evacuated systems are excellent for residential as well as commercial water heating application. You can consider linking our SunRain solar vacuum tube products in the series and make larger heating systems for meeting the demands of your big family and reduce the annual water heating bills.

Whether it is your desire of cost-efficient solar heating in your showroom or off grid cottages, simply goes for Latitude 51 Solar evacuated tubes. They can produce cost-efficient heat energy that most of other international solar tube manufacturers can’t ensure without charging high price.

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